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     HengGuan Crafts Co.,Ltd. is an inheritance from Taiwan arts and crafts manufacturing process and technology of metal crafts professional manufacturers. My company is located in the Shenzhen city. Plant covers an area of about 1600 square meters, has a staff of more than 100 people, from the production of cosmetic mirror, badges, key chain and metal products began, rich experience has been 4 years of production of metal products, the level of production of high quality to win the trust and cooperation achieved major companies. The factory continues to innovate new products to meet the different needs of customers, is committed to create a market competitiveness of high-quality, low price products, to win the trust of users. To actively develop products, to improve technology, reduce cost, accelerate productivity, improve quality, create the additional value of products as the goal.

The main products of cosmetic mirror, badge, badges, collar button, insignia, cufflinks, key buckle, bottle opener, commemorative coins, the number plate, bookmark jewelry, metal metal signs, golf fork, tie clip, letter openers, metal fittings, etc..

The main process badge, flashing badge, medal, medals, nameplate, badge, key chain, tie clips, bottle opener, cufflinks, ashtrays, cap clip, fruit base fork, wallet, Maguchi Tetsuaki, bookmarks, letter opener, travel card, card holder, refrigerator and the case of Taiwan, model and so on.




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